Hair Loss

Hair loss and scalp conditions

Temporary hair loss affects many people for different reasons.  Common reasons in women are menopause, perimause, trauma, stress, scalp hydriosis and post childbirth.  We have worked with trichologist specialists to investigate and prescribe hair products to help you recover from temporary hair loss. 

It may be that whilst you may have not noticed a thinning of the hair or hair loss that you are awre that you perspire/sweat from your scalp.  Excessive scalp perspiration is known as scalp hydrosis and affects many women including keen atheletes.  Symtoms of scalp hydrosis could be colour fading.  With a prescription of La Biosthetique hair care products you could see improved lasting colour and a reduction in the perspiration. 

We have had so many clients experience excessive hair fall during the Covid, if you have had Covid 19 this may be one of the causes. Other causes can be stress, medication, illness, environment, diet, excessive chemical or heat treatments.

We can help

One of our services is a Dino Lite consultation, a powerful hand held microscope is used to determine the condition of your scalp and we can prescribe the correct course of action for you. Using the correct La Biosthetique treatment for you over a period of time can give you great results and clients are often relieved to see the positive results. These products work deep into the follicles and help the mother cells produce strong healthy hair.  A healthy scalp leads to healthy hair.

Many of our clients who have used the prescribed treatments have seen an improvement in thickness and strength within 3 months.

This Service is Priced at £60.00. This includes two 30 minute visits where we see what improvements have been made between the appointments with regular use of the La Biosthetique treatment prescribed.

NEW 2023 – Our trichology clinic will open in our Droitwich Spa premises.  To learn more about this, please call the salon and we can discuss further.